Your Hearing, As Unique As Your Fingerprint

Your Hearing, As Unique As Your Fingerprint


If you’re like most people, you’re used to thinking of hearing as something that happens in your ears. What people often don’t think about is what happens between their ears, in the hearing part of the brain. That’s where sound becomes information that has meaning, it’s how we understand what has been said or heard. And no two people will make the same interpretation, or hear the same way, even if they have a similar level of hearing. How they hear sound, how they interpret speech – is indeed as unique as a fingerprint.


At Hearing Institute Atlantic, we call this Brain Hearing. A shift away from the traditional thinking of “ear” hearing, we focus on fitting clients with hearing devices that use this technology to treat hearing loss. And this is a big difference. Traditional models of hearing devices are amplifiers, they have programming capabilities, and some features for sound comfort and the user can often make small adjustments to the volume or direction of sound.


Brain Hearing technology works smarter. Today’s devices allow users to personalize how they like to hear sound – imagine being able to actually personalize the way sound is heard! Our audiologists work along with you to trial different listening prescriptions of everyday sounds and speech. By programming your hearing device to recognize your listening preference, it becomes a unique and personalized hearing solution. This level of technology is staggering – these devices really are packed with the latest and greatest in hearing technology.


The evolution behind hearing devices over the past few decades has gone from simple analog circuits, to programmable and now digital circuits with the inclusion of BlueTooth technology. This advancement of technology allows a level of personalization which truly improves the way we hear, and how we want to hear it.


And Hearing Institute Atlantic has been along for this evolution. Celebrating 15 years in business and serving its communities, we have seen the impact new technology has had for our clients.  Clients who have worn hearing aids for years note the difference technology is making in how much better they are hearing, with clearer, more comfortable and effortless listening. “Talking with satisfied clients is simply wonderful” says Owner, Christina Lunn, “Our mission, our whole philosophy really is to provide better hearing health care, and we choose to do this with the best technology and the top products. Knowing our clients experience the best level of hearing possible, reaffirms for us that we are doing a good job, fulfilling our mission and truly helping people.”


Everyone wants to be treated as the individual that they are, and with today’s technology, the same can now happen in the hearing industry. When you think hearing – think about your brain, not your ears and then think personalized, individual and unique, now you’re talking. Or hearing!