Connect to your World with Wireless Connectivity


With wireless connectivity, you can boost the performance of your hearing aids in many different listening situations. Stream phone calls, music/audio, and control your listening settings via easy to use Smart Phone Apps. Enjoy the thrill of enhanced communication with endless possibilities using wireless connectivity and internet connected devices.


Clearly hear the TV by streaming the sound directly to your hearing aids. Choose the level you want to hear while leaving the TV at a volume that is comfortable for others. You can use Smartphone Apps to control the volume of the streamed sound remotely.

Most TV adapter devices offered have a range of up to 10+ meters and can be connected to almost any audio device using the cables provided in the accessory package.

Phone calls – hands free

Enjoy conversations streamed directly to your hearing aids, hands free, so you can talk anywhere and anytime. This option is compatible with most bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Wireless audio

Connect wirelessly to your laptop, tablet or smartphone for video calls and enjoy clear communication with loved ones. You can also enjoy playing music and audio directly in your hearing aids.

Internet Connected

A world of possibilities awaits when using internet connected hearing aids. Turn on the lights automatically when you switch on your hearing aids. Be alerted via a notification in your hearing aids when someone’s at the door. How about fresh brewed coffee waiting for you, perfectly timed with your morning routine.  The possibilities are endless.


At Hearing Institute Atlantic we share a deep commitment to the highest quality of hearing care.  We understand that hearing connects us; to people and places, to the things we love to do.  That’s why we offer affordable solutions that are comfortable, discreet and packed with technology.  If you have concerns about your hearing health visit our team of trusted professionals.