Discover today’s hearing aid technology

Modern hearing aid technology is designed to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound. This allows today’s hearing aids to deliver excellent sound, allowing better speech understanding, even in noisy environments. Break free of restrictions and hear every moment.



Traditionally, hearing aids were used to simply make all sounds louder. However, this is not how natural hearing works. Modern hearing aids amplify quiet sounds to make them audible again, but do not over amplify loud sounds. This allows a hearing aid user to preserve their individual perception of loudness and creates a natural sound balance.

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When it comes to understanding speech our brain plays a major role by filtering out unimportant sounds while focusing on important or the most meaningful sounds. Modern hearing aids work to replicate this natural processing strategy, with the goal being clear speech signals even in challenging listening environments.


State of the Art

Now individuals with hearing loss can thrive and enjoy full, balanced, clear sound with modern hearing aids. Today’s technology makes split second decisions while delivering information to the brain, creating a natural listening experience.  This advanced processing power breaks the limits of what’s previously been possible with hearing aids.

Rechargeability you can trust

Lithium-ion battery technology is the latest generation of rechargeable batteries, known for holding more charge than earlier types of rechargeable batteries.

They have long been used in mobile devices such as phones and tablets, as well as cordless tools.  And now that manufacturers have successfully incorporated lithium-ion batteries into hearing aids, you can get rechargeable hearing aids that last longer on each charge than ever before!

The advanced lithium-ion battery technology ensures you can comfortable enjoy a full day of hearing , including streaming.



At Hearing Institute Atlantic we share a deep commitment to the highest quality of hearing care. We understand that hearing connects us; to people and places, to the things we love to do. That’s why we offer affordable solutions that are comfortable, discreet and packed with technology. If you have concerns about your hearing health visit our team of trusted professionals.