Who We Are

At Hearing Institute Atlantic, it’s all about our team of experts! Our team has been chosen as the best in their respective fields. With Certified Audiologists, a Doctorate Audiologist, and Hearing Instrument Specialists making up our clinical team, we enhance the integrity of the profession and provide excellence in total hearing health care. Our experts have been selected to attend world class seminars and learning symposiums and they train with the top leaders in the field. We live and work right here in our communities, support local charities, sports teams and our children’s schools. We strive to create awareness of today’s hearing health concerns with a goal to support those in need of better hearing and support.


Hearing Institute Atlantic understands and responds to the needs of our clientele. We constantly strive to bring better hearing to our clients through a variety of brands, styles and choices of hearing devices. Choice is important. We are a locally owned business; we can choose hearing devices that meet the needs of our clients, are affordable, have the latest technology and provide the most listening comfort. Our offering is not limited to one manufacturer that ultimately owns the business, thus allowing greater flexibility for clinicians to recommend the most appropriate device for their clients.


Our team of expert Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists are dedicated to their chosen field. Our passion is evident; we work for the best interests of our clients, provide the most affordable and appropriate hearing solutions, all in a warm and welcoming environment. We have been honored to receive an A+ rating year after year with the Better Business Bureau as a leader in the hearing industry. Our clients guide us, with their successes and thoughts, their pleasure in hearing well and improving their connections to family and friends.

Christina Lunn


As the owner of the Hearing Institute Atlantic, I am always happy to hear from people on hearing related issues. I encourage people to contact me for questions, comments, and complaints or just to ask about what’s going on in the industry in general. Hearing is a wonderful and exciting industry to get to know; the ever-evolving technology, the progress in the style and design of devices and the improvements to speech understanding, communication and quite frankly, the support we get from those that have had their lives changed through better hearing is truly inspiring and rewarding, it’s what drives us all at Hearing Institute Atlantic to do better every day. I invite you to direct your correspondence to: info@hearinginstitute.ca.


At Hearing Institute Atlantic we share a deep commitment to the highest quality of hearing care.  We understand that hearing connects us; to people and places, to the things we love to do.  That’s why we offer affordable solutions that are comfortable, discreet and packed with technology.  If you have concerns about your hearing health visit our team of trusted professionals.