Using Sound to Manage the Effects of Tinnitus

Sound used in Tinnitus relief therapy can be amplified sound from hearing aids, environmental sounds, music or sounds created by noise generators. These devices allow us to create a mixing point of sound where the brain is able to hear both the Tinnitus sound as well as sound in the external environment, with the intent to minimize the contrast between the Tinnitus and surrounding sound environment. This supports the brain to focus externally on sound rather than internally, which is referred to as neutralizing the Tinnitus sound.

Tinnitus Relief Therapy

Tinnitus relief therapy uses both patient centered counselling as well as sound therapy strategies to reduce or eliminate the effects of Tinnitus.

Hearing Aids

  • If hearing loss accompanies tinnitus hearing aids can be used both as a means to treat the hearing loss as well as manage your tinnitus.  Hearing aids will amplify environmental sounds and in turn provide your brain with new sounds to process instead of constantly alerting you to the sound of your tinnitus.
  • If hearing levels are normal, there are ear level worn devices which provide the acoustic stimulation needed to support habituation.


  • Music is believed to reduce stress as it activates a wide range of neural structures. This essentially helps the brain to neutralize its perception of Tinnitus sounds.

Sound Machines

  • Sound machines are small devices that produce a variety of nature/noise sounds. Some models can be used with a pillow speaker to help patients with tinnitus fall asleep.
  • Acoustic stimulation assists habituation by decreasing the contrast between silence and Tinnitus.


  • Counselling will provide information on tinnitus and de-emphasize fear or any negative feelings associated with tinnitus.
  • Management plans for neutralizing the perception of Tinnitus are reinforced throughout the counselling process.



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