Communication Counselling

At Hearing Institute Atlantic we provide the tools needed for clear, effective communication. We encourage family, friends and communication partners to visit our clinics and participate in Communication Counselling sessions.

Hearing Loss and Communication

Our hearing ability affects the way we communicate, and when our hearing changes, it can lead to a breakdown in communication. Communication is an essential part of everything we do, it’s what connects us to our world. Whether you’re enjoying conversation with a loved one, participating in a meeting at work or cheering on your favorite team, communication is of paramount importance for our day to day lives.

When communication breaks down in our relationships it usually leads to feelings of frustration and isolation. This not only affects the person with hearing loss but their entire social network.


Communication Tips

Hearing aids alone are sometimes not enough to enable a person with hearing loss to communicate successfully in all listening situations. Below are a few tips to help ease communication difficulties;

  • Get the person’s attention before speaking, this allows them to focus on what you’re saying.
  • Speak clearly and at a natural pace.
  • Don’t shout – this only distorts your voice further for the listener.
  • Avoid talking from another room, while walking away or with your back to the listener.
  • Reduce background noise as much as possible. (TV, radio, fans, etc.)
  • Rephrase rather than repeat, often times different words can be easier to understand.
  • Resolve misunderstandings by asking the listener to repeat what they’ve heard.
  • Relax and be patient.