Widex Phone-DEX, a sleek and effective telephone for hearing aid users and their entire family!

Widex Phone-DEX, a sleek and effective telephone for hearing aid users and their entire family!

The new Widex Phone-Dex is the answer to everyone’s home-phone needs, whether you have a hearing loss, or you have normal hearing and live with someone who wears hearing aids.

What is it?phone-dex

The Widex Phone-Dex is a sleek cordless phone that has all the features of a regular phone, including call display, speakerphone, etc. However, it also works with hearing aids to stream crystal clear sound directly to both hearing aids. So a normal hearing family member can use the phone as they normally would, but a hearing aid user could get improved speech sound quality as the phone functions with their hearing aids!

Who can use it?

  • Normal hearing individuals
  • Widex hearing aid users: the phone will function automatically (without any programming by your audiologist) upon first use. Your hearing aids will recognize the Widex Phone, and immediately begin to work.
  • Hearing aid users wearing other manufacturer’s hearing aids: you can still use this phone! It is compatible with any hearing aid that is equipped with a telecoil. Just ask your audiologist to activate the telecoil, plug in the phone, and you’re set!

Where can I use it?

You can use it anywhere! At home, in the office, etc; anywhere that there is a phone line.

Why use it?

For some individuals wearing hearing aids, they still find it difficult to understand speech on the phone. A telephone signal is not an ideal acoustic signal, and while certain adjustments can be made to hearing aids to function well on the phone, in some cases, the capabilities of the hearing aid are not sufficient to give the hearing aid user a crystal clear telephone conversation. This phone can help those that continue to struggle on the telephone, despite the proper functioning and use of their hearing aids.

Since the hearing aid user receives the signal in both ears (instead of the regular single-ear use when we use the phone), we automatically get improved speech understanding. Two ears is always better than one!

It also looks neat too! Some phones designed for the hearing impaired can look big and bulky. This just looks like a regular phone.

How do you get it?

Call us today at 482-2222 and mention your interest in the Phone-DEX. We’ll discuss compatibility with your hearing aids, and place the order for you to try it out at home!