Why I chose a career in Audiology

Why I chose a career in Audiology

As a university student studying Psychology and Neuroscience (the study of the brain), as I approached graduation, I wasn’t sure what direction to follow in my future. I knew I wanted to work in a health profession,  in a field where you could make a difference in someone’s life and develop a longstanding relationship with that person and their family. I wanted to know that people would be happy to come see me, and leave feeling better about themselves then when they came. After a stint doing research in a hearing focused lab at Dalhousie, and meeting with a few different health professions, my path was suddenly very clear. I wanted to be an audiologist. I wanted to help people communicate better, as communication is essential to every.single.part. of our lives. It is key to our relationships, our entertainment, most professions, and our safety.

Not only did I want to help people communicate better, I wanted to be invested in their success and their lives. I am very passionate about listening to my patient’s concerns and needs, and creating the appropriate rehabilitation plan to help them acheive their goals. I look forward to hearing about their successes, and helping them through their stumbles, and the interaction with the patient is what I value most. They are invested in hearing better, and I am invested in helping them hear better. As long as both of us do our parts, it is a synergistic relationship that leaves the patient feeling a sense of accomplishment over their improved hearing and quality of life, and that leaves me happy to know I’ve helped improve someone’s life. That moment when we both realize that we’ve hit that point of synergy is why I chose to become an audiologist.



Andrus_J_14Jessica joined the HIA family in June 2012 and works full time in our Sackville location

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