Tinnitus – How we can help

Tinnitus – How we can help

If you have tinnitus there are many effective management strategies that can be used individually or in combination.  Your Audiologist can provide you with the information you need to help you to manage your tinnitus.


Tinnitus counselling is a first step in the management of tinnitus. Counselling will provide information on tinnitus and de-emphasize fear or any negative feelings associated with tinnitus.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy uses background sounds to decrease the prominence of tinnitus. Soft sounds around the house such as a fan, radio, TV or music can help to manage tinnitus.

  • Hearing Aids
    • If hearing loss accompanies tinnitus hearing aids can be used both as a means to treat the hearing loss as well as manage your tinnitus.  Hearing aids will amplify environmental sounds and in turn provide your brain with new sounds to process instead of constantly alerting you to the sound of your tinnitus.
    • Widex is a manufacturer of hearing aids and have a product called Zen which can be used for tinnitus management. The hearing aid is able to play soft music or produce white noise to help manage tinnitus, in addition to being a hearing aid.
  • Sound Machines
    • Sound machines are small devices that produce a variety of nature sounds. Some models can be used with a pillow speaker to help patients with tinnitus fall asleep.  
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