These are a few of our favourite sounds!

These are a few of our favourite sounds!

This April, we will be focusing on sound, and how sound can play an important part in our lives. Sound can elicit emotion and memory, and everyone has a favourite sound. We asked each of our staff members to describe their favourite sound this month! Read below for one of our responses:

From Beth, who works in our Gladstone location:

Every now and then when I come home from work I hear the piano playing.  It is my eldest daughter who no longer lives at home, who has popped in and while waiting for us to return she has decided to sit down at the piano to play a few tunes or maybe sing a song.  This always warms my heart as I think how wonderful it is that after all those years of piano lessons and school and church choirs and plays, she actually still plays the piano to relax and enjoy herself.  She is a talented young lady and although she did not pursue music as a career I am so happy that it remains an important part of her life. I love to hear her play as the sound of the piano has a special memory for me.  When I was a child my mother used to play the piano softly at night after all of us kids had gone to bed.  I have always found it soothing.  Later, it gave my mother such great pleasure to hear her granddaughter play the piano.piano-playing-1

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