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Testimonial from the Warrens | Hearing Institute Atlantic
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Testimonial from the Warrens

Testimonial from the Warrens

Jim’s Perspective:

At the ripe young age of 63, I have begun hearing properly. For the first time in a decade, I can take part in conversations or go to the theatre and symphony without missing a large part of what is being said or played. For the last 12 years, I have had my hearing checked annually and it has been progressively deteriorating. The need for corrective action lost out to vanity and pride.

This all changed in June 2006 when I met with Nona Fuller at Hearing Institute Atlantic s Gladstone location for this years Hearing Test. As expected the results were not good, rather than leaving it at that, Nona convinced me to try a pair of behind the ear hearing aids and, get this, a remote control to make adjustments or change settings. The improvement was instant and to some extent, shocking. I was a convert from day one!!

The biggest improvement is at home. I was missing so much dialogue that I can only begin to understand how difficult it must have been for my family to communicate with me. They are saints!!

Louise’s Perspective:

After Jim s Audiological Exam, Nona said,  Jim, you have a hearing impairment. Louise, you have a hearing problem. She acknowledged how difficult it is to live with someone who cannot hear well. It is both a relief and a pleasure to now be able to converse with ease in a variety of settings. Now that Jim has his aids, I do not have to repeat, restate, clarify or explain what I or others say. Our family and friends are very impressed with Jim s communication improvements.