Shakespeare by the Sea

Shakespeare by the Sea

With nice weather comes lots of outdoor activities. Outdoors may be noisy and background sounds may interfere with communication. Whether you are sitting in your backyard, going for a walk or checking out some local summer entertainment here are some tips for better summer listening.

  • Position yourself close to the person you are talking to
  • If attending an event arrive early so you can pick your seat – sit towards the front
  • Make sure you have a good view of the persons face or the event
  • Pick a seat away from any other background noise – if possible
  • If you are attending a play – read the plot before hand so that you are familiar with the play
  • If you wear a hearing aid bring your remote as you may wish to adjust your hearing aids
  • Most importantly – Ask for help or repetition if you need it!

sbtsThis year check out Shakespeare by the Sea in Point Pleasant Park. For show info


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