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No one cares

(except us)

Home of caring and kind audiologists who’ve graduated at or near the top of their class since 2002

We care deeply.

We care about being your partner in hearing health. 

We care because we know hearing loss is exhausting, frustrating, lonely and scary too

We care about offering you the very best audiologist team in Atlantic Canada. We care about testing your unique hearing to ensure we fully understand where support is needed. We care about choosing the technology that best meets your needs - not ours.  

We care about helping you learn how to use your little miracle devices - that’s why a 30 day before you buy trial comes standard at Hearing Institute Atlantic.

Success for us is you wearing your hearing aids for years to come instead of seeing them collect dust on a shelf or cluttering up a drawer. 

We call all that caring the sound of love - we know you’re gonna like what you hear.

How the Before You Buy Trial works

Proud to play our part in your better-hearing journey

  1. 1Click or call to schedule a safe in-person conversation
  2. 2Enjoy a best-in-class hearing assessment with a friendly and helpful audiologist
  3. 3Discuss the results and your unique path to better hearing
  4. 4Return to be custom fitted for your 30-day before you buy hearing aid trial
  5. 5Drop by as necessary during the 30-day trial for support and adjustments 
  6. 6Years of better hearing with long-term support from Hearing Institute Atlantic
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