New Year's Resolutions for Better Hearing

New Year's Resolutions for Better Hearing

With a new year we have some suggestions for a year filled with better hearing!

Practice Good Communication Strategies

As a family member or friend of an individual with hearing loss it is important to realize the importance of optimal communication.  When encountering someone with a hearing impairment it is essential to offer them courtesies such as those offered to people with other disabilities. Doing all that you can to ensure effective communication will result in less frustration, and more satisfaction, for everyone involved. Here are some tips:

  • Before speaking get the attention of the listener
  • Use clear speech – speak slightly slower, slightly louder and pause between phrases
  • Do not shout your message
  • Keep your face visible
  • Do not repeat but rephrase message
  • Avoid conversations when in background noise
  • When conversation topic changes alert the person with hearing loss
  • Avoid talking about the person with hearing loss when you can talk to them directly
  • Be patient, relaxed and positive


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