Myths and Misconceptions about Hearing Loss: Part 1

Myths and Misconceptions about Hearing Loss: Part 1

Myth: Hearing aids perfectly restore your hearing back to normal, much like your eyeglass prescription restores vision to 20/20.

Fact: Hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss, as they are unable to fully restore your hearing to normal. However, hearing aids do a fanastic job of helping you hear the best you possibly can given your hearing loss, and improve your listening abilities to significantly improve your quality of life.


Myth: A hearing aid will damage your hearing.

Fact: A properly prescribed hearing aid, with appropriate programming and maintenance, will not damage your hearing. In fact, it can help keep the brain active and interested in the auditory world, which can help maintain your hearing abilities.


Myth: A mild hearing loss is not bad enough for a hearing aid.

Fact: A hearing loss, regardless of severity, indicates a loss of functioning of the auditory system. Everyone’s hearing loss and listening needs lead to a very different experience for each individual. By working with your audiologist, you can determine if a hearing aid is needed, and how much it will benefit you. Don’t just make assumptions when it comes to your health; consult with an expert and make an informed decision.

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