Movie Days: Assistive Listening Devices at the Empire Theatres

Movie Days: Assistive Listening Devices at the Empire Theatres

Did you know that the various Empire Theatres in Nova Scotia have equipment that can be borrowed on request to help a hearing impaired movie-goer get the most out of their movie-watching experience?

All Empire Theatres have wireless headsets that can be requested at the customer service desk. These headsets send the sound directly to the listener’s ears, so the listener can adjust their own volume independently of the rest of the theatre. This gives a clearer signal as well, as the signal does not have to travel through the room to reach the listener, rather is delivered directly to the ear by the headset.

The newest option for hearing impaired movie-goers is the CaptiView System. This is a personal, in-theatre closed captioning system that can be used at any chair in the theatre. The small screen that displays the captioning fits into the cup holder, and the easy-to-read text displays the movie lines. MoAMENITY_Captiview_PRPst locations in NS have the CaptiView system, but please visit the link below to ensure your local theatre has the system.

Also visit this link to learn how to determine if the movie is CaptiView enabled, and how to request a system for your next movie experience!

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