May is Hearing Health Month! Why YOU should take our hearing check challenge!

May is Hearing Health Month! Why YOU should take our hearing check challenge!

May is speech and hearing month, dedicated to drawing attention to and building awareness of hearing and speech issues. Just like your eyes or your heart, your ears should be included as part of your regular health and wellness routine. Stay on top of your hearing health. Establish a baseline. Be proactive.

We challenge you to call 482-2222 and take our complimentary hearing check challenge at one of our 5 convenient locations.


Not convinced yet? For the month of may, our blog posts will include a different reason why you should have your hearing checked.

Reason 10: Even mild hearing loss can put you at a greater risk to develop dementia.

Hearing loss and dementia is a hot topic in the field of audiology. Dementia can be devastating to both individuals and families.  Research has now identified a possible connection between dementia and hearing loss.  Hearing loss is independently associated with dementia when adjusted for age, sex, education, race, smoking, diabetes and hypertension. In particular, hearing loss was associated with lower scores on tests of executive function and memory.

A study by Frank Lin, published in 2011, looked at a large population and found the following startling figures:

Those with mild hearing loss were 2x more likely to develop dementia over a 10 year period.

Those with a moderate hearing loss were 3x more likely to develop dementia.

Those with a severe hearing loss were 5x more likely to develop dementia.

It is essential to know and understand your hearing health. Take the time to be proactive. You’re worth it.

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