May is Hearing Health Month! Reasons why YOU should take our hearing check challenge!

May is Hearing Health Month! Reasons why YOU should take our hearing check challenge!

May is speech and hearing month, dedicated to drawing attention to and building awareness of hearing and speech issues. Just like your eyes or your heart, your ears should be included as part of your regular health and wellness routine. Stay on top of your hearing health. Establish a baseline. Be proactive.

We challenge you to call 482-2222 and take our complimentary hearing check challenge at one of our 5 convenient locations.


Not convinced yet? For the month of may, our blog posts will include a different reason why you should have your hearing checked.

Reason 13: Hearing loss may be affecting your bottom line.

Hearing loss is a serious condition that affects 1 out of 6 Baby Boomers (ages 42-60) and 1 out of 14 Gen-Xers (age 30-41); this is a significant portion of the active workforce. For this hearing impaired portion of the workforce, hearing loss is not just an inconvenience. If left untreated, even a mild hearing loss can jeopardize safety, result in reduced income, and cost their employers greatly.

Let’s look at safety concerns first – perhaps a nurse with untreated hearing loss has been given instructions to administer medication in the ER. If those instructions do not come through clearly, and we add in outside factors such as room noise, the results could be life threatening. The danger in this scenario is based around the inability to properly hear instructions, which doesn’t factor in the ability to hear sirens, smoke alarms, or other alerting signals. Obviously, the more significant the hearing loss, the more risk to the worker and others.

Besides safety, an employee with untreated hearing loss is at risk for decreased job security and decreased income. Consider an employee with a mild hearing loss that does not hear a series of instructions/deadlines from their boss; this loss of correct details puts the project at risk, and may jeopardize that person’s job.

A survey conducted by the Better Hearing Institute indicates, “Working Americans who ignore their hearing problems are collectively losing at least $100 billion a year in earnings.” The survey showed that, “Even people with mild hearing loss, who may miss a consonant here or a word there, may lose income if they can’t completely grasp the latest news at the water cooler or a phone message from the boss.”

The report estimates that the average worker with untreated hearing loss loses from $1,000 per year (those with mild hearing loss) to $12,000 a year with profound hearing loss.

To address hearing in the workforce, being proactive is the first step. Call to book our Hearing Check Challenge today!

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