May is Hearing Health Month! Reasons why YOU should have your hearing checked.

May is Hearing Health Month! Reasons why YOU should have your hearing checked.

May is speech and hearing month, dedicated to drawing attention to and building awareness of hearing and speech issues. Just like your eyes or your heart, your ears should be included as part of your regular health and wellness routine. Stay on top of your hearing health. Establish a baseline. Be proactive.

We challenge you to call 482-2222 and take our complimentary hearing check challenge at one of our 5 convenient locations.


Not convinced yet? For the month of may, our blog posts will include a different reason why you should have your hearing checked.

Reason 2: It is a noisy, noisy world, and that is not music to your ears.pic

We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to sound. From the earbuds in our ears, to the traffic noise made by cars, to the roar of our lawnmower, there are lots of potentially damaging levels of noise in our lives. It is not just people who work in noisy environments or hunt who are at risk for noise induced hearing loss. Those of us who walk to work by traffic, or listen to our earbuds at loud levels, or mow the lawn without hearing protection, can all be affected by the noise around us.

Those are just a few examples. None of us live in a silent world. It is important to have a baseline test so that if there is the start of any noise damage, we can detect it and talk about how to protect your ears to prevent further damage. If there is hearing loss, we need to talk about ways to help. And finally, if your ears are normal, we need to talk about how to keep them that way!