Is your job hard… on the ears?? The top 5 jobs linked with hearing loss.

Is your job hard… on the ears?? The top 5 jobs linked with hearing loss.

Over the next 5 days, we will be looking at a new career each day that is well known to be hazardous for the ears. Noise exposure can cause significant hearing loss to people of all ages, and the nature of certain jobs can result in a sufficient amount of noise exposure each day that can cause noise induced hearing loss over time. If you work in one of the fields highlighted in this series, or you are exposed to noise at work, it is very important to have your hearing tested regularly and work with your audiologist to determine the need for hearing protection.


Many individuals in the military suffer from high frequency hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Both hearing loss and tinnitus can be a sign of excessive noise exposure. For those who serve in the military, this excessive noise exposure comes from the noise produced by aircraft, tankers, and other loud engines, as well as the use of weaponry in combat and practice situations. Finally, a single explosion can cause instant damage to your ears, and is often the culprit for combat-induced hearing losses.


We encourage everyone to take advantage of our complimentary hearing tests, but if you are in the military or a veteran, it is extremely important to monitor your hearing status. Please call 482-2222 to arrange your free hearing test!

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