Is your job hard… on the ears?? The top 5 jobs linked with hearing loss.

Is your job hard… on the ears?? The top 5 jobs linked with hearing loss.

Over the next 5 days, we will be looking at a new career each day that is well known to be hazardous for the ears. Noise exposure can cause significant hearing loss to people of all ages, and the nature of certain jobs can result in a sufficient amount of noise exposure each day that can cause noise induced hearing loss over time. If you work in one of the fields highlighted in this series, or you are exposed to noise at work, it is very important to have your hearing tested regularly and work with your audiologist to determine the need for hearing protection.

Entertainment/Nightlife Businessnightlife

Musicians are at significant risk for hearing loss, as their amplifiers are almost always too loud and too close for their hearing safety. Many musicians are resistant to hearing protection as well. Some very famous musicians live with hearing loss (e.g. Neil Young, Ozzy, Phil Collins) and tinnitus (Chris Martin of Coldplay).

Not only are the muscians at risk for hearing loss, but so are the security personnel and service staff (bartenders, waiters) because they are exposed to excessively loud music each night at work, and are often not encouraged to wear hearing protection by the establishment owners.

If you work in the entertainment/nightlife business, regardless of your age, it is important to have your hearing tested and discuss options for hearing protection. Call 482-2222 to speak with an audiologist!

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