Hearing Through the Ages – Working Adults

Hearing Through the Ages – Working Adults

Tell your coworkers about your hearing loss! Your coworkers will likely be receptive and accommodating once they understand!


Many work environments can be challenging listening environments for individuals with normal hearing. For those with hearing loss there can be added stress! Work environments may include working with coworkers who speak softly, having to hear on the phone, boardroom meetings and challenging social parties. Coworkers may not realize how to communicate with individuals with hearing loss.


boss and hearing loss

Here are some tips for adults with hearing loss in the work force:

  • tell your coworkers about your hearing loss and how best to communicate with you
  • open working environments can create background noise which may make day to day tasks more challenging – perhaps move your desk away from the lunch room or high traffic areas
  • phone calls may be more difficult than face to face conversations – when possible speak in person
  • arrive early to meetings and pick a spot near the front


For more info Clue your coworkers in on hearing loss


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