Hearing During the Holidays – Thanksgiving

Hearing During the Holidays – Thanksgiving

Hearing over the holidays can sometimes be a challenge for individuals with hearing loss. Here are a couple of tips for improving communication during Thanksgiving.


  • Anticipate difficult situations and plan ahead for Thanksgiving – think about similar holidays and what gave you trouble in the past

  • Try to limit background noise – turn the TV off during dinner, wait until after dinner to run the dishwasher etc.

  • Pick your seat at the table – pick a seat next to the person you normally have difficulty hearing

  • Ask family & friends to speak one at a time – this will make it easier to follow the conversation

  • Keep the lights on during dinner so you have a clear view of everyone’s faces – this will help with speech reading

  • Be realistic and understand the limitations of your hearing aids – tell family & friends what they can do to help

  • Relax and enjoy spending time with family & friends

    Happy Thanksgiving from Hearing Institute Atlantic!

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