Hearing Aid Prices – How much do they cost?

Hearing Aid Prices – How much do they cost?

The price of hearing aids is always a question that comes up in our clinics. Indeed hearing aids are a significant investment in yourself and can be considered expensive. They are packed with technological capabilities that will transform your ability to communicate, but it’s often hard to reconcile those outcomes with such a tiny, almost simple-looking device. On average folks can expect to pay hearing aid prices between $1,800 and $2,200 per ear for a good quality, robust unit that comes with on-going audiology support, full coverage warranty and helpful accessories to connect with your cellphones and televisions.

In our practice we have seen how people shy away from this expense, not understanding the consequences of ignoring their hearing loss.  Left untreated, hearing loss leads to emotional and social consequences including isolation, depression, safety issues, mobility limitations and reduced income and employment opportunities. For some people living with hearing loss is an affordability issue, meaning folks do not treat their hearing loss because they feel they simply cannot afford it.

At Hearing Institute Atlantic we encourage people to not let the price of hearing aids be the reason they do not seek a test, or a diagnoses or help. We educate the public on the importance of having your hearing tested to measure hearing levels, confirm the type of hearing loss (if present) and understand what options are recommended and what is available to support better hearing health. In some cases, private health plans pay a portion, or agencies like Veterans Affairs Canada provide hearing support to those that have served. If you’ve experienced hearing loss due to noise exposure at work, the Workers Compensation Boards often provide coverage for you. For our part at Hearing Institute Atlantic we offer payment plans and in-house financing, with no interest, to help make the costs more affordable to our clients.

With any decision regarding our health and wellbeing, trust is an important ingredient, and one that we at Hearing Institute Atlantic take very seriously. Folks should expect we will do everything we can to ensure those we see get hearing help. It’s that simple. We are passionate about treating hearing loss and witness first-hand how beneficial it is to our clients and their families. Positivity blooms within our clients lives as they reconnect with the people they love through improved communication, and once again confidently participate in all activities they enjoy.

In closing, this article began by addressing the question regarding hearing aid price, at Hearing Institute Atlantic we offer a range of prices and technology. As an independent locally owned business, we pride ourselves on our ability to source devices that have the best technology to support our clients, and work aggressively to negotiate the best prices from manufacturers, so we can pass that savings on to clients. And there are options to make it affordable for everyone, we offer no interest, in-house financing to allow flexible payment options and we work with private health insurance providers as well as third party providers (DVA, WCB etc) to ensure clients are taking advantage of the benefits and coverage they are entitled too.  All hearing aid purchases with Hearing Institute Atlantic include a full service care plan, full coverage warranty, qualify for Air Miles reward miles and our personal guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

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