Hear In Halifax – Citadel Hill

Citadel Hill

Hear In Halifax – Citadel Hill


It’s a Halifax tradition. Every day, the Royal Artillery fires the noon gun at the Halifax Citadel.  A common sight at every British fort, the Royal Artillery maintained and operated the armaments, ammunition, and powder. Today, these re-enactors perform drill demonstrations on 12-pounder and 32-pounder smoothbore guns, and 7” rifled muzzle-loading guns. They’ve also been known to fire a 32-pounder on some afternoons, simply for your entertainment. And they operate the Halifax Citadel’s commercial and military signal masts, indicating that all are welcome to visit and experience this special historic site.

 For many of our service Men and Woman gunfire , exposure to artillery devices and military vehicles has caused Hearing Loss. 


As an example, gunfire, dependent on the type, can range from 130dB to 170dB, average conversation ranges between 65dB and 80dB. Loud intense sound can cause damage after only one episode of exposure. Hearing Protection can prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss  and should be worn any time loud noise is present

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