From Our Hearts

From Our Hearts

Griffith_K_03After recently returning to the office after a one year maternity leave, I feel like I have a whole new appreciation for what I do as an Audiologist. I enjoyed my year at home with my daughter immensely and really had no concept of how much I missed my profession until I got back in the swing of things this Winter. I have always thoroughly enjoyed Audiology; improving an individual’s quality of life on a regular basis is a pretty wonderful thing to do for a living!  My time away from the office really made me appreciate that doing so is very much a reciprocal relationship – the gratification and satisfaction that I receive in return from my patients is absolutely wonderful and so very rewarding!  I feel very fortunate to be involved in such a wonderful profession where I have the opportunity to help people day after day. Who knows, perhaps becoming a mother has led me to feel a little more maternal towards the people I encounter professionally. Either way I absolutely love what I do and really do cherish the relationships I have established with my countless happy patients at Hearing Institute Atlanic.

-Kim Griffith

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