FM Systems: Part 1

FM Systems: Part 1


What is an FM system?

FM systems are designed to help someone with hearing loss hear better in challenging environments. An FM system is made up of 3 key parts: 1) microphone, 2) transmitter, and 3) receiver.  The microphone is worn by the speaker and the individual with hearing loss wears the receiver which connects to the hearing aid. This allows the speakers voice to be transmitted directly into the hearing aids.

Who can benefit from an FM system?

When listeing in noise, at a distance, or when there is reverberation it can be difficult for someone with hearing loss.  An FM system helps to overcome these challenges. While the vast majority of FM systems are used in the classroom, many adults can also benefit from FM systems. They can be used in meetings, lectures, restaurants, or social gatherings.

Ask your audiologist for more info on FM systems!

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