Experience Powerful Hearing with Oticon Dynamo

Experience Powerful Hearing with Oticon Dynamo

Oticon Canada the world’s oldest and leading hearing aid manufacturer has worked with leading researchers in the field of hearing loss to develop Oticon Dynamo. A new family of hearing instruments designed with the technology to meet the needs of severe and profound hearing loss in mind. Among the revolutionary new benefits introduced with Oticon Dynamo BrainHearingTM technology are:

  • Clearer, easier to understand conversation even in the most challenging of environments
  • More energy for you – now you can understand speech all day with much less effort.
  • No feedback – all the power you need to hear, without embarrassing high pitched whistling

Take the time this winter to explore how your quality of life can be improved through better hearing. Whether the goal is to hear your spouse more clearly, to hear your grandchild’s voice effortlessly, or to better understand your favorite television program, the appropriate hearing device can help to accomplish your hearing goals.

Severe to profound hearing loss not only affects our ability to hear sound; it also makes it harder to make sense of sounds you do hear. Did I hear “sweet” or “wheat”? What you may not know is that hearing loss also weighs heavily on the brain and is very tiring as a result. Oticon Brain HearingTM Technology is available in the Oticon Dynamo family of aids is designed to specifically target these areas of concern.

Hearing Institute Atlantic invites you to participate in our unique   Take-Home Demo Program.


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