May is Hearing Health Month! Why YOU should take our hearing check challenge!

May is Hearing Health Month! Why YOU should take our hearing check challenge!

May is speech and hearing month, dedicated to drawing attention to and building awareness of hearing and speech issues. Just like your eyes or your heart, your ears should be included as part of your regular health and wellness routine. Stay on top of your hearing health. Establish a baseline. Be proactive.

We challenge you to call 482-2222 and take our complimentary hearing check challenge at one of our 5 convenient locations.


Not convinced yet? For the month of may, our blog posts will include a different reason why you should have your hearing checked.

Reason 11: Sudden Hearing Loss – it exists, and can be devestating.

You wake up one morning and your hearing is gone. Maybe its just one ear, but you can’t hear a thing. You call your doctor immediately, and they send you for a hearing test that same day (this is the right course of action!). You get to your test, and your audiologist asks if you’ve ever had a test before because it is easier to diagnose when you have a previous hearing test.

Ooops. You don’t have a previous test?

It is easier to “catch” the condition called Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. This is a devestating condition where there is a sudden, drastic, decline in hearing, and it is often of unknown cause. If treatment is provided within 48 hours, there may be some recovery. However, recovery is never guaranteed. It is easier for the audiologist, doctor, and ENT specialist to diagnose and treat if a previous hearing test is on file.

This can happen, and has happened, to people of all ages and circumstances. Have your hearing tested and establish a baseline. You may be thankful some day that you did!

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