3 Ingredients to Hearing Well with Hearing Aids

3 Ingredients to Hearing Well with Hearing Aids

In our practice we have noticed over the years that many folks do better than others when it comes to wearing their hearing aids and hearing well.  Why that is? What are some of the factors we’ve seen that truly make a difference in how our clients are successful, wearing their devices, staying engaged and social, and what leads to this success?


Of course, technology is a hallmark of hearing well. All devices are not the same; we want to dispel that myth right away. Although hearing aids may look similar, it’s the technology inside that makes the difference. At Hearing Institute Atlantic we source the best level of technology as we have seen first hand how it benefits our clients. Technology inside the device allows for multiple listening programs, the devices automatically adjust and adapt to the surroundings, and they can be personalized, programmed to hear sounds the way you like to hear them, that’s pretty revolutionary, and our clients love it!

When you are considering hearing aids, have an open discussion about the technology you will need, good hearing devices typically have a choice of technology levels, and its important to choose the one that’s right for you, for your lifestyle, your listening requirements etc. Simply purchasing hearing aids over the counter, with no knowledge of what’s inside it, or its features, or solely looking at a low end price point leads to people wearing the wrong technology , and it simply won’t work for them.

Audiology Support

We love our patients! The more we see them the better they hear – they are more successful in wearing their devices and in hearing as well as possible. So when you are looking for hearing services, make sure the clinic you choose has audiologists on staff, they are the best professional to treat your hearing loss and that the clinic offers continued follow up and support. This support is the key, it’s a vital part of the hearing aid purchase, at Hearing Institute Atlantic, and we offer ongoing support, as much as folks need because we’ve seen how important this is to clients’ success. We’ve heard from folks that have purchased a device and they haven’t been back in a year or two years to follow up – and not surprisingly they are struggling, not wearing their devices or so frustrated that they’ve given up.  Please don’t let this happen, hearing is a vital sense, you really need it, and untreated hearing loss can lead to folks becoming isolated, not going out to social functions, changes in how the brain processes and understands speech, and many other negative health factors – so our advice, is to choose wisely, choose a company that will support you as you wear hearing devices, and that has experts on staff, and audiologists that are well prepared to care for your hearing needs.


And that’s where you come in, your motivation to improve your hearing, to engaging in the process of wearing hearing aids and following the advice of your audiologist is key. Hearing aids take a bit of work, there are best practices to choosing the right technology and style and to wearing them correctly, cleaning them, care in handling in order to be successful.  We find that people’s attitudes and efforts, their desire to wear devices and follow the advice of their audiologist; all play as much a factor in successfully treating hearing loss as the device itself. If you are ready to improve your hearing, are excited about the possibility of hearing well, embrace the technology and do your part – that’s the sweet spot – that’s the spot where folks are hearing well, staying active and successful.

Hearing is a vital sense; we need to hear to stay connected to the activities and people we love. Value it, treasure it, and have it looked after by a trusted and respected business and audiologist. See them for regular check-ups and take action when it becomes necessary, don’t wait, don’t put it off and don’t dismiss how important good hearing is to your overall health & wellbeing.