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Hearing Aids | Hearing Institute Atlantic
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Hearing Aids

Tiny, Versatile and Powerful HAinEar

Hearing aid technology has advanced incredibly in the last decade. Today’s hearing aids are a long way from the bulky devices of the past, with more processing power than the average computer! Modern hearing aids are revolutionary and able to tackle even the most complex listening situations. Sounds become clearer, more natural, and listening effort is reduced. With better hearing comes easier communication and deeper connections with loved ones, greatly improving quality of life.

What do hearing aids offer

Natural Hearing – Traditionally, hearing aids were used to simply make all sounds louder. However, this is not how natural hearing works. Modern hearing aids amplify quiet sounds to make them audible again, but do not over amplify loud sounds. This allows a hearing aid user to preserve their individual perception of loudness and creates a natural sound balance.

Speech Understanding – When it comes to understand speech our brain plays an important role by filtering out unimportant sounds while focusing on important or the most meaningful sounds. Modern hearing aids work to replicate this natural processing strategy, with the goal being clear speech signals even in challenging listening environments.

Spatial Hearing  – Our ability to locate and identify sounds from our environment that surrounds us depends on spatial hearing awareness. Modern hearing aids support users to recognize sounds and where they are coming from which is very important for us to feel alert and aware of our surrounding environment.

Fit for any earaid_display

Today’s hearing devices are revolutionary and ready to be personalized for your listening needs. Connect to the things that matter most and enjoy better hearing now! At Hearing Institute Atlantic we choose from the world’s top manufacturers to bring the best solution to our clients.  Take advantage of Our Unique Take Home Demo program and experience the benefits of better hearing today.

Rediscover your hearing

Dealing with your hearing loss can be a challenge, and there are many reasons people put off trying hearing aids. Some reasons include the fear of being stigmatized, denial or simply acceptance of the hearing loss. However there is significant evidence to suggest that the earlier you react to signs of hearing loss, even when mild, the more your quality of life will improve in the long term.  New studies are also showing evidence that hearing aids help to reduce mental decline as they support active, social lifestyles! 

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