These are a few of our favourite sounds!

These are a few of our favourite sounds!

This April, we will be focusing on sound, and how sound can play an important part in our lives. Sound can elicit emotion and memory, and everyone has a favourite sound. We asked each of our staff members to describe their favourite sound this month! Read below for one of our responses:

From Katelyn, who is on maternity leave from our Dartmouth location:

My favourite sound is the sound of the ocean or the river; it brings me to my most relaxed state.  It’s where I feel rested, safe and calm. It’s where I can imagine warmer weather on a fresh spring day or a tranquil summer evening. It’s a sound that reminds me of all my favorite things to do. I love to camp, bike and hike, and to sink my toes into the warm, soft, white sand. Doing these activities are always best when they are along the shoreline or riverside.

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