The Importance of Quality Hearing in Nursing Homes

The Importance of Quality Hearing in Nursing Homes

Hearing loss is extremely prevalent in nursing homes, yet often dismissed by caregivers. “She’s 90, of course she has hearing loss” is a common phrase uttered by family members and nursing home workers. While increased age leads to an increased risk for hearing loss, it doesn’t make the hearing impaired individual any less deserving of quality hearing health care.

Research done on three separate homes demonstrated that in nursing homes were hearing loss is diagnosed and managed effectively, the residents reported an increased quality of life. Not only do hearing aid users frequently report less anxiety, increased soclialization, and an overall increased well-being, it can reduce the communication barriers for the nursing home staff as well.

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Nursing home residents should not just have to “put up” with hearing loss. They deserve to experience the sounds of life just like everyone else.

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