The Heat is On! Taking care of your hearing devices in the summer.

The Heat is On! Taking care of your hearing devices in the summer.


While many hearing aids are rated for moisture and debris resistance (depends on their IP rating), others can be easily damaged by heat, moisture, dust, or dirt. A little extra precaution in the heat of the summer can help prevent the need for repair to keep the devices working at their best.

Tips and Tricks

1) Any drastic change in temperature (giong from air-conditioned office to the outdoors for example) can create condensation. Moisture can prevent your hearing device from working properly. The best method of managing moisture is to use your dry-aid kit, which will help remove condensation from your hearing aid, a few nights a week and in the event they get wet.

2) Open the battery door at night to allow dry air to circulate.

3) If you are perspiring with your hearing aids on, occasionally remove to wipe off excessive moisture. If you wear a BTE during vigourous activities, you may want to consider a moisture guard such as “ear gear” to protect the hearing aid.

4) Never leave your hearing device in direct sunlight, or enclosed in a hot space (e.g. car dashboard).

Symptoms of moisture-related trouble include a shortened battery life, weak or distorted sound quality, and a hearing device that works for several hours, dies, then functions properly if left out overnight.

We can help! Schedule a clean and check with your audiologist!

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