Testimonial from Abram J. Almeda

Testimonial from Abram J. Almeda

Training in the Canadian Forces in the early 1960s, exposed me to high levels of noise on a daily basis including firing rifles and throwing hand grenades on the military ranges. Standing next to very large Artillery Pieces was a new experience for an east coast city boy. While there was always a Range Safety Officer in attendance, noise protection consisted of covering your ears with your hands. Early in my career, they diagnosed me as having high tone hearing loss. Because this loss did not prevent me from working in my occupation as a health care administrator, it posed no great problem.

Some six to seven years after completing a 31-year career with the Canadian Forces, I discovered that what used to seem like a minor irritant was a major challenge in my everyday life as a hospital administrator. I was missing many words and phrases in important conversations. In my personal life, I no longer enjoyed films or televisions. I played music at high volumes. My friends on the golf course were irritated when I rattled coins in my pockets, which of course I could not hear.

Finally, after seeking a colleague s advice, I visited the Hearing Institute Atlantic where I discovered just how profoundly the exposure of my youth had affected my hearing. Demonstrating incredible patience, Nona and Beth, at the Gladstone location, worked with me to restore a gift that most of us take for granted.

The friendly faces at the Hearing Institute Atlantic provide services, which are professional and patient focused. I know a little about patient focus from my own work and this is a great organization starting from the personal front desk greeting. Rechecks and telephone advice are always available. By the way, I m now telling my golf partners to keep it quiet, thanks to having my hearing restored to a functional level.

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