Testimonial by Paul C. Mombourquette

Testimonial by Paul C. Mombourquette

I am a 44 year old man who has been wearing hearing aids since I was 6 years old. I started out with two body aids which required wearing a leather chest harness to house the hearing aids with wires going from the boxes to the glass ear molds. Get the picture? Well let’s jump to the present day, summer 2009. Two very small, behind the ear hearing aids with Bluetooth What! I KNOW! I was very, very excited.

My audiologist, Nona, told me that I could take my telephone calls and cellular calls directly into my hearing aids using a “Streamer”. As if that wasn’t enough to get me on board with this new technology, she also told me I could listen to the TV directly into these hearing aids, and listen to my iPod without head phones. Wow, I was sold!

A few months later and I am still beyond happy with my new Epog hearing aids from Oticon. I am hearing clearer than I ever have before in my life and hearing sounds I never enjoyed before (sounds of birds in my backyard, the ding of the coffee maker letting me know that my favorite drink is ready). I always used to turn my hearing aids off because I hated the noisy sounds – now I never turn them off as I hear the sounds naturally and comfortably. No mechanical sounds… I love it! The Bluetooth feature is beyond anything I have ever imagined. I can hear on the telephone with both ears (hearing individuals can’t even do that!) and this has been a huge advantage for me at work. Watching the TV and the listening to my iPod through my hearing aids is such a delight. Cell phone calls are hands free with these aids.

I have been a client of Nona Fuller since the late 80’s, early 90’s when she first started out as an audiologist. There is a reason why she’s still my audiologist. She is a professional who wants the best for her clients, she is knowledgeable (so you know you are getting the very best information) and she is personable (she’ll treat you the way she wants to be treated herself). When she told me about the Oticon Epoq aids, she got me all excited, because frankly she has never steered me wrong! I enjoy my hearing environment today because of Nona.

Now, I have to mention the rest of the staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with; Beth, Allison, Christina and Wendy. What a group of professionals and they are so easy to talk to, even when they are busy. Thank you all for your hard work, great advice and for my fantastic experiences at Hearing Institute Atlantic.


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