Taking the First Step Towards Better Hearing

Taking the First Step Towards Better Hearing

Many people wonder how long they can ignore their hearing difficulties. Many people wonder how long they can postpone seeking advice on their hearing health. Sometimes the issue is not knowing what is available to help, and how much the pros of hearing will outweigh the cons.

The easiest way to determine the benefit you receive is to actually try! At Hearing Institute Atlantic, we can always arrange a complimentary “take home demonstration”, where we discuss your lifestyle and listening needs, work with you to select and fit appropriate technology, and then send you to the environments that matter most for a real life example of what can be done to improve your hearing. After roughly 2 weeks, we would meet again to discuss the benefits you received, any concerns that you may have, and discuss the next step for your hearing health plan.

Here is a good article outlining some barriers for first time users. What is keeping you from acting today and making your hearing health a priority?

Call 482-2222 at any time to arrange a complimentary hearing test with an audiologist. We will have an open discussion about your hearing status, and your long term hearing health plan.

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