Sounds that your kids have probably never heard! Part 1 of 3

Sounds that your kids have probably never heard! Part 1 of 3

It’s hard to believe that some sounds can become extinct, but did you know that there are a variety of sounds that your children or grandchildren will never hear? This week we will provide a list of 11 sounds that your children may only hear in “old” movies.

1) Rotary Dial Telephone phone

The formerly familiar swooosh as the caller rotated the dial clockwise to the “finger stop” and then the click-click-click as the dial returned counter-clockwise to the start position is now a novelty application that you can install on your iPhones .

Click here to hear the rotary dial in action!

2) Manual Typewriter

Manual typewriters have their own collection of sounds, that used to be immediately identifiable. The keys clatypecked loudly as they struck the paper, the carriage lifted up with a distinct clunk when the shift key was employed, and then there was the ping of the bell warning you that you were nearing the end of the line. That meant you had to lift your left hand from the keyboard and swipe at the carriage return lever, which caused a sort of ziiiiip noise as you pushed the carriage back to the starting position.

Click here to hear the sounds of the typewriter!

3) Coffee Percolator

The hiss of an old school coffee maker is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Click here to hear the coffee being brewed!flash

4) Flash Cube

The loud rapid-fire click-clack of an Instamatic camera equipped with a flash cube was a common background sound at any social gathering in the 1960s.

Click here to listen!