New Year's Resolutions for Hearing Aid Users

New Year's Resolutions for Hearing Aid Users

With a new year we have some suggestions for a year filled with better hearing!


Clean your hearing aids

A new year is a great time to make sure you are keeping your hearing aids in good shape.

  • Always make sure your fingers are dry and clean before handling a hearing aid.
  • Every night when you remove your hearing aids wipe them with a clean lint-free cloth and brush to remove any wax and/or moisture.
  • When cleaning a hearing aid pay close attention to the part that goes into the ear canal. Remove any wax that has accumulated, holding the aid upside down so wax will fall out rather than get pushed inside the aid.
  • Wax on the outer shell or earmold should also be removed to prevent damage to the material and discomfort while wearing.
  • Open the battery door after use to prevent unnecessary battery drain which will prolong battery life.
  • Keep hearing aids in a safe place. When the aid is not being worn a hard shell case or hearing aid dehumidifier are the best options for storage.

For more info on cleaning: