Myths and Misconceptions about Hearing Loss: Part 2

Myths and Misconceptions about Hearing Loss: Part 2

Myth: Wearing 2 hearing aids is not necessary.

Fact: Our auditory system is designed to work with input from two ears, to assist with specific tasks such as sound localization and hearing in noise. Hearing with two ears is also more natural sounding to a hearing aid user. If you’re interested in more information, we have an entire article posted on our blog about the benefits of hearing with two ears, and the cases where you would consider only using one hearing aid.


Myth: The smaller the hearing aid, the better/newer the technology.

Fact: There are several styles of hearing aids, and all can be equipped with the latest and greatest hearing aid features if that is what interests you. What is most important is that you work with your audiologist to determine what is required to meet your listening needs and desires, while accomodating your hearing loss.


Myth: The best hearing aids can automatically remove background noise from your listening environment.

Fact: Current hearing aids are capable of improving your comfort of listening in noise, however, noise will still be present but not bothersome. For example, at a dinner party, the hearing aid cannot determine that your aunt sally and sue talking next to you are unimportant and eliminate them completely. However, the hearing aids will work to make it comfortable for you to hear speech over the noise.