Multiple Sclerosis and Hearing Loss

Multiple Sclerosis and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an uncommon symptom of Multiple Sclerosis; research shows that an average of 6-11% of patients with MS complain of hearing loss. Typically, the hearing deficits reported with MS do not include severe hearing loss, but rather acute episodes of reduced hearing. These acute episodes of reduced hearing typically take place during an “exacerbation” or “flare-up” of MS symptoms; a sudden worsening of symptoms or appearance of new symptoms.

Hearing deficits caused by MS are thought to be caused by inflammation and/or scarring around the auditory nerve, or plaques at other sites along the auditory pathway.

Due to the finding that hearing deficits are uncommon in MS, people with MS who develop hearing loss should have a thorough hearing evaluation by an audiologist to rule out other causes of hearing loss.


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