More than just hearing aids…

More than just hearing aids…

Some individuals with hearing loss need more than just hearing aids. While hearing aids can improve communication in many environments sometimes hearing aids alone are not enough! There are devices designed to help hearing impaired individuals throughout the day.

  • Wake Up: Vibrating and/or flashing alarm clock
  • Phone Calls: Hearing aid compatible phone, texting, amplified phone and visual ringer
  • Large meeting: FM system or loop system
  • Watching television: Captions, FM system or TV device compatible with hearing aids
  • Door Bell: Flashing light or body worn vibrating device
  • Child Care: Baby monitor that communicates with a body worn vibrating device
  • Fire Alarm: Flashing lights and/or body worn vibrating device


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Many assistive listening devices can be purchased at your local audiology clinic or through the Canadian Hearing Society’s online store