It's a noisy world!

It's a noisy world!

Noise levels have steadily risen over the years, primarily due to advances in technology. Ipods, loud stereos, air travel and heavier traffic levels are all contributing to the increase in noise pollution. This is an ever growing concern because noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss.

Day to day we are bombarded with a steady stream of sound – in schools, at home, at work and often during leisure activities. Sometimes these sounds get so loud that they begin to damage our hearing. Young people are at a risk of losing their hearing faster than previous generations due to more exposure on a daily basis than ever before. Noise induced hearing loss was often associated with occupational exposure, people who worked in hazardous noise environments like construction, however with the access to today’s technology noise can become harmful virtually anywhere.

Sounds are considered harmful when they exceed 85dB SPL, which is about the loudness of heavy traffic. If we consider our entertainment activities like sporting events or a rock concert, sound levels can soar to more than 100dB SPL. Exposure to this level of sound, even one time, can cause Noise Induced hearing loss which is a permanent change to your hearing health.

The simplest way to start protecting your hearing is by limiting the amount of time you expose your ears to loud noise. Having a hearing test will detect any changes noise may have caused and your Audiologist can recommend the best form of hearing protection suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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If you have been exposed to loud noise and are concerned about your hearing health contact us today for free hearing test. Your hearing is precious, take the steps to protect it today.