HEARt in Motion

HEARt in Motion

Healthy hearing is part of healthy living!

Hearing loss is not merely for seniors or those with noise exposure but is also associated with other medical conditions.  There is emerging evidence for the association between hearing loss and both diabetes and poor cardiovascular health.  The prevention of hearing loss is yet another reason to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

“Physical inactivity can cause chronic disease, premature death and disability. Health Canada encourages Canadians to integrate physical activity into their everyday life :at home, at school, at work, at play and on the way….that’s active living!”

-Heath Canada ww.hc-sc.ga.ca

Congrats to Virginia for running in Saturday’s Rum Runner Relay. She ran 17.5 km from Prospect Bay to Lunenburg!

“Why do I Run? Running has changed my life. It gives me the freedom and the ability to challenge myself.”