Hearing Through the Ages: 70+ Group!

Hearing Through the Ages: 70+ Group!

This week, we will be discussing the hearing needs of those that are 70+. Each post this week will highlight a new topic in hearing health that is important for those 70+ in age to consider.

Importance of Healthy Hearing to Stay Active and Involved!

Healthy hearing allows us to be an active participant in our daily world. Whether it is playing with your grandkids and hearing their sweet (but often soft!) voices, talking to your friends over a cup of coffee, or sharing stories around the dinner table with family, you should be able to listen with ease and not have to worry about your ability to hear. Hearing difficulties can often first be noticed during those little moments, when you are in a more difficult listening situation; often times people shrug it off, but as the occurences start to add up, it is time to investigate a bit further. If you’re having difficulty hearing in social gatherings, don’t accept it and withdraw from conversation… investigate it! Demand better hearing.

Heatlhy hearing allows us to live life to the fullest. Helen Keller once said “Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people”. Hearing loss can affect your abliity to hear, but even if you’re able to hear in most situations, even a small degree of hearing loss can cause an increase in fatigue from straining to hear. Often times, we have patients complain of increased tiredness by the end of a busy day.

Finally, healthy hearing allows us to stay engaged. Regardless of age, and with good health, you should feel able to stay engaged in your world. You should feel comfortable joining a bridge club, or attending church, or volunteering; you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable because of communication issues.

If you feel like your hearing is holding you back from living life to the fullest, contact 482-2222 to arrange a hearing check! We will discuss your hearing profile, and go over any hearing concerns and needs you may have. Don’t accept anything less.

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