Hear in Halifax: The Summer of Sandra

Hear in Halifax: The Summer of Sandra

Every summer, the Atlantic Film Festival presents a weekly alfresco movie watching experience. Haligonians of all ages gather on the Halifax waterfront to take in a classic movie, equipped with snacks, camping chairs, blankets, and lots of joy. This year, the theme of the summer festival is “The Summer Of Sandra”.

This week’s movie is being voted on as it is the People’s Choice. This will air on Friday August 15th. Visit here to vote for one of the following choices:

1) The Proposal

2) While You Were Sleeping

3) Two Weeks Notice

4) Two If By Sea

For those with a hearing impairment, watching a movie outdoors can present a possible listening disaster. Not only are there hundreds of people, it is in a very wide open space (outdoors!) that can lead to a lot of sound bouncing around off the various surrounding buildings. Use the tips below to ensure the best listening situation you can at the summer film festival:

  • Position yourself close to the speakers. Sit in front of the speakers, and not behind the speakers.
  • If attending an event arrive early so you can pick your seat – sit close to the speakers, and not necessarily the front.
  • Make sure you have a good view of the screen so you can see the actors’ faces.
  • Pick a seat away from any other background noise – if possible.
  • If you wear a hearing aid bring your remote as you may wish to adjust your hearing aids.