Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

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Stats on Hearing Loss in Canada:

  • Hearing loss affects 1 in 10 of Canadians of all ages.
  • Hearing loss affects 1 out of 6 Baby Boomers (ages 42-60) and 1 out of 14 Gen-Xers (age 30-41)
  • Greater than one million adults across the country reported having a hearing troubles. This is more than 50% greater than the number of people reporting vision problems.
  • Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic disability among older adults, behind arthritis and hypertension.
  • Canadian Living ranked a hearing test as one of the top 9 tests that can help you live longer.

There is lots going on this weekend in celebration of Canada’s 147th Birthday! Make sure to wear red and white, check out the Kitchen Party at the Seaport Framers market, sing Oh Canada on Citadel Hill,  watch the Tattoo Parade downtown, join the Great Canadian Family Fun-Fest on the Commons, attend the free concert at Alderney Landing and of course enjoy the fireworks. There is lots going on in the HRM for Canada Day but keep your ears in mind for any noisy activities!

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