Back to Basics: Music/Cinema Program

Back to Basics: Music/Cinema Program

What is it?

Hearing aids are equipped with lots of signal processing designed to manipulate the signal to maximize speech perception for the individual with hearing impairment.

However, some of those technologies designed to help the listener process speech clearly can negatively affect music, live theatre, and cinema. Due to this fact, many hearing aids come equipped with an additional program that can be activated by the patient when the user is in a theatre/music setting.

These cinema/music programs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general, many of the features are deactivated in this setting (for example, feedback management and transient noise reduction).

What does it mean for the user?

In general, the music/cinema program provides a richer, more vibrant representation of the music signal. This leads to an overall increased degree of happiness with the hearing devices in music or cinematic settings.

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