Back to Basics: Hearing Technology

Back to Basics: Hearing Technology


The September month always reminds me of acquiring new knowledge and learning; maybe its seeing the excited faces of the young school children walking to school, or the buzz in downtown halifax as the university students return, but something about september makes me want to learn.

The focus of the blog this month will be information on different hearing aid technologies. Hearing aid manufacturers devote a lot of brainpower, focus, and finances to developing new technologies and refining older technologies.

But what does that mean to the average hearing device user? That is what we will explore each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of September. Not only what the hearing aid technologies are doing, but why they are doing it and what it means for your hearing.

If you are curious about the technology features of your specific hearing aid, don’t  hesitate to ask your audiologist. It is important to have the features you need for your lifestyle!