A day in the life of Reception at HIA

A day in the life of Reception at HIA

At HIA we are much more than receptionists. Aside from greeting our beloved patients with a warm smile and chipper voice, we do so much more. Something that plays a big role in our day is that we truly love being here.

We get the pleasure of not only working with the Audiologists in day to day operations, but also the clients. The front office staff helps to maintain a good working relationship with family doctors and other healthcare professionals. We can help with minor hearing aid and assistive listening device matters, speak about some products available to clients and of course, gladly take phone calls and book appointments.

We understand the importance of the Audiologists and the hearing health care they provide. In turn, we understand the importance of our job as well. All the staff at HIA work closely and all strive to help where we can.

Each of our locations is lucky enough to have such unique and wonderful front end staff.

Anderson_P_08Paula is the receptionist in our Dartmouth location. She believes working with a knowledgeable and compassionate group of women makes loving her job easier, but she also likes that she gets to know her patients on a personal basis. Although, her absolute favorite part of her job is improving the quality of the patients lives, through the level of care provided daily.